What Is Biochemical Detox and How Do I Do it?

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What Is Biochemical Detox and How Do I Do it?

What Is Biochemical Detox and How Do I Do it?

Is detox just woo woo or is it something you need to do?

Reducing inflammation and toxin load is key to health as inflammation is at the root of most illnesses.

Toxins cause inflammation and inflammation inhibits your body’s natural ability to remove toxins (biochemical detox) 

As you learn more about different supplements, detox methods, diets, hormones, gadgets etc to improve your health more and more questions come up. Even what is a healthy diet?

It gets very confusing and expensive, particularly when what you do doesn’t work!

How do you know what is safe and what is a con?

It can be hard sometimes to make sense of all the different advice you get form the internet, media, friends, therapist and doctors.

It can also be very frustrating if you can’t get rid of your health problems or excess weight.

When you are inflamed your body is much more likely to store fat, even if you do everything else right.

Reducing inflammation can make a big different to your weight loss,  improve your thyroid function, reduce pain and balance your hormones.

I am a licenced  Quicksilver Scientific  practitioner and this a globally renowned company lead by Dr Christopher Shade that specializes in  testing for heavy metals (particularly mercury)  and detoxification protocols for a wide range of other toxins, parasites and microbes.


Toxins can have a huge impact on your  energy levels, metabolism, weight, mood and brain function

  • Mercury – Fatigue (slows down energy production), anxiety / adrenal fatigue (ramps up fight or flight system via glutamate), thyroid issues, neuro-inflammation, weakened immune system
  • Lead – Fatigue, mood disorders, headaches, high blood pressure, osteoporosis
  • Arsenic – Known carcinogen, brain and nervous system problems
  • Plastics/phthalates/fire retardants- Hormone disruption (thyroid) and estrogen mimetics (irritability, weight gain, brain fog, inflammation, some cancers)
  • Bacterial endotoxin (LPS) – From leaky gut, infected root canal. These are bits of broken up bacterial makes body think you have a full infection. Systemic inflammation, brain fog and inhibition of detoxification of other toxins.
  • Pesticides/Herbicides – Neuro-inflammation, harmful to the brain and nervous system, affects fetus development

Toxins provoke the immune system which causes  inflammation, worsen autoimmune disease  and encourage free radical production that can lead  to accelerated aging and chronic illness 

Efficient detoxification depends on a series of seamless reactions that bind toxins to shuttle molecules and “escort” them out through a series of doors. The glutathione system is the most important of the detoxification systems and includes glutathione and the enzymes that work with it. The detoxification process proceeds in three parts or “phases”, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III. A healthy liver and gut is also key for efficient detox.

“I found QuickSilver  protocols and products great because you can die at the level of toxicity I was at. I’ve gone now from a toxic level of 123 down to a level 10 right now, so we are almost there.” – Tony Robbins

Learn how Tony Robbins used the Quicksilver Scientific products and protocols to reduce his dangerously high mercury levels – HERE

My job is to help you make a toxin removal action plan and support you through the process. 



As many toxins are released during fat loss which can be from fasting, a ketogenic diet,  exercise, being ill or any other fat loss method,  it is important to know how to remove these from the body quickly.

If there are underlying gut problems such as leaky gut, inflammation, infection or parasites then this often affects the detoxification in liver so the toxins do not leave. The liver and bile plays an important role in detoxification and if they are not functioning well then the toxins do not leave the body properly.


I will help you with a pre-tox gut and liver program before you start your detox program or fasting regime 


Like Tony Robbins, there are people all over the world who don’t realize that their body is overloaded with toxins. They may be tired or have a hard time thinking clearly and not know the root cause or that there is a solution. This is why it’s important for everyone to find a way to detox the body and eliminate toxins.


Fasting and certain kinds of ketogenic diets offer many benefits

  • Switches on the body’s detoxification system
  • Fat loss to release toxins stored in body fat
  • Reduction in inflammation to aid the detox process
  • Cellular cleansing and removal of old/damaged/rogue immune  cells via autophagy
  • Helps gut heal and prevents toxins from escaping from gut into the blood
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Overcoming additive-laden junk food addiction
  • Helps to clear ‘fatty liver’ so the liver can detox more effectively

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