The Missing Mineral and Your Mental Wellness

lithium and depression

The Missing Mineral and Your Mental Wellness

Could a simple mineral imbalance be driving your mental health issues?

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Lots of people have heard of lithium as something which is used for people with bipolar, schizophrenia, insomnia and or other challenges to mental wellness. Most people don’t know that lithium is a naturally occurring mineral we all need for healthy brain function. There used to be more lithium in vegetables, particularly beets also it is not in any vitamin/mineral supplements, so people often don’t get enough lithium. Lithium is very important for balancing mood, natural sleep and preventing depression in healthy adults and children.


Lithium carbonate (Lithium + carbonic acid)  is the form that is used by doctors  in large doses  (almost toxic amounts)  to treat certain kinds of mental health issues. Lithium carbonate has been shown to be beneficial despite the toxicity. All drugs with potentially dangerous side effects have to be on prescription,  so you have to go to a doctor to get it. In order for enough lithium carbonate to be absorbed the body needed to be saturated with lithium carbonate. Using high doses meant there were side effects like a dry mouth, tiredness, metabolic issues and more.

However there are other forms of lithium which are available over the counter, such as lithium orotate (lithium + orotic acid)  which are much more effective and much safer as much smaller doses are required. Orotic acid is found in mothers’ milk and its job is to carry other useful minerals like zinc to where they are needed in the body . The lithium is bound to the orotic acid and it is effectively carried straight to the brain where it is needed and leaves other parts of the body alone.

Why is this mineral so important ? Why haven’t I heard of it?

Most doctors or scientist know about the research on lithium carbonate and know that it is toxic to the body due to the high doses. They simply haven’t heard of or seen the research on lithium  orotate

When we eat junk food containing simple carbs and sugar, this causes insulin spikes or surges and we are losing minerals, particularly lithium. Pregnant mothers who eat a lot of sugar will be cause insulin spikes for themselves and their unborn baby, so the baby will be born with a lithium deficiency.

Under stress or high mental activity to we use more lithium, which needs to be replaced if we want to avoid a ‘mental crash’. If you are very stressed then taking lithium orotate is a good idea if you want to avoid mental health problems associated with stress. People who have a tendency to hyperactivity, where their brain is very busy need extra lithium. Lithium has a calming effect on children with ADHD. Lithium is needed by our brains to make enough serotonin, which is important for mental well-being, happiness, contentment, and feeling good.

Lots of people and their families do eat a healthy diet, exercise, take omega 3s and other supplements, but still feel as if something is a miss with mental wellbeing, it often is low lithium. People who tend to keep on and on churning over the same thought in their heads, almost repetitive thinking or just constant negative thoughts  often benefit from lithium orotate.

Lithium orotate does not change your state of consciousness, act like a sedative  and is not a  prescription drug with side effects, it just can make you feel normal and calm naturally. It is a natural mineral your body needs that has been used for over 60 yrs.

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