How Taking Action Boosts Confidence And Beats Depression

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How Taking Action Boosts Confidence And Beats Depression

How Taking Action Boosts Confidence And Beats Depression

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Today’s blog is about confidence, taking action overcome negative thoughts, using positive distractions and positive self talk.

Self-confidence is the belief of believing in yourself, to believe that you can accomplish what you set out to do, to overcome obstacles and challenges.



Why do some people struggle with confidence?

Negative states of mind, negative people, lack of motivation, negative self-talk and distractions are all enemies to our self confidence.

Focus creates clarity, purpose, and meaning. This makes it hard for distracting, intrusive negative thoughts or emotions  enter into our awareness.

How often have you been doing something you enjoy and completely lost track of time as well as forgetting all your worries and troubles?

This is a commonly shared experience, but I think it’s a real antidote to overcoming negative mind states such as anxiety or depression. The great thing about this technique is that you get to do something you love while combating your emotional challenges or life stresses, WITHOUT it feeling like work or counselling.

Given the following options to “feel better” or “cheer yourself up” what would you choose?

A: Pay for a counseling session?

B: Read a book self-help?

C: Do something active that you love doing?

All of the above work to some degree, but option C “Do something active that you love doing” is by far the most appealing and you can often do it right away!

I personally, I use option ‘ C’ doing something I love to remove  negativity as I can take action straight away.  I love doing many things, but I really love movement  I took up gymnastics last year as ‘The thing I really love doing’. I find I can  fully engross myself in something I love and any negativity, ‘problems’ or anxiety are overridden automatically. After my gymnastics session I find that I feel differently about the ‘problem’ and it bothers me much less, making it easy to deal with.


What is the thing YOU really love doing?

It’s hard to focus on lots of things at the same time, and if you fill your mind with things you WANT to focus on, you stand a good chance of pushing the things you don’t want to focus on out of your mind.

This method  trains your brain and mind to respond to negativity by YOU ACTIVELY DOING SOMETHING to alleviate suffering. It can even train the response of taking actions that are solutions to your emotional problems. Taking action can become a positive habit if utilised often enough and it gives you a sense of achievement that builds self-esteem.

All successful and happy people are “action takers”, even if some of their actions lead to bad results, they are learning curves, which is a positive! You can do the same!


The very first step you can take right now is to incorporate these six positive affirmations into your personal self talk to start to push out those negative ones forever!

I am a problem solver. I focus on solutions

I embrace  change and easily adjust myself to new situations.

I need and enjoy challenges. They bring out the best in me.

I face difficult situations with courage

Self-confidence is what I thrive on.  I believe in myself and life is great.

I attract only positive people.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post !


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