Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to  my page !  This page is  about something called  the Neuro Revolution, which is  focusing on training the nervous system to get a better body and better brain. Professional athletes and top performing executives are already know about this, which is why they are at the top of their game.

My aim is to take lots of complicated functional  neurology which I have collected over the last 4 years, make it interesting, make it accessible, make it simple and make it useful, so that you can get the most out of your brain and body. We all know that often very simple tips, tricks and gems are the ones which have a huge effect

I’m a huge fan of the nervous system and brain because they control everything in the body, in future posts I will be talking about memory, reflexes, energy levels, driving cars, stress pain, flexibility, strength, sports  vision, balance, sleeping, emotions, sex, headaches and how to get the edge over your competitors by sharpening your nervous system and improving how you think.

I studied Genetics and Biochemistry went on to do a PhD in protein folding, which in a nut shell  was about  disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, after that I worked on a project on the effect of statins on heart cells, about 13yrs worth of science.

Young scientists conducting an experiment together at the laboratory

Then I worked in the fitness and wellness industry for 8 years teaching groups and individuals how to move and how to change their minds with hypnosis. After a few years I realized there is more than just joints and muscles.

teaching full size
One of my clients enjoying herself on the roller


A famous strength coach said  “Your muscles are already capable of lifting a car. They just don’t know it yet.”

“I want to be able lift a car ” I thought “how do I learn how to tap into this secret resource?”

“How do I become a superhuman?”

I then started out on a journey to learn more about the brain and nervous system  which took me round the world, cost me tens of thousands of dollars, put me in touch with some of the brightest  and most talented people on the planet, I looked in the performance world, particularly stage hypnosis and magic as well as the medical world for answers, tools, tips, tricks. I still do stage hypnosis shows as a hobby and its so much fun.

My alter ego Dr Karla Mistry

I then had the best training ground ever for many years, the school of hard knocks,  which is the real world, with real people like you, not a nice laboratory, the good old general public. The public are not easy to please, they pay money, they are busy, if something is bollocks they will tell you, they tell facebook and twitter you are a moron and want a refund, quite right though! But when things start to work the public are amazing! They tell lots of people how great you are, they bring friends, they like your facebook posts, even if it is a picture of a baby with chocolate face or a cat sat on a mat.

Let me tell you briefly about how the brain works, we will call it the 123 of brain function, I don’t want to be all school teacherish, I want to break it down so it’s easy to manage so that that you don’t miss anything important. Like eating a bar of chocolate, one piece at a time, not shoving the whole lot in at once.

  1. The brain’s primary objective is survival, your brain wants to keep you alive and safe
  2. To function well your brain needs 2 things – fuel and activation. Buy fuel I mean good breathing and proper nutrition, both of which are HUGE topics. Activation is stimulus which needs to be the right kind, at the right intensity at the right time, this is what I want to share with you
  3. A brain basically has 3 primary tasks. To receive input, understand and make a decision and produce an output


If you prefer audio here is part of a recording I did on Stray FM about the brain basics


To function at your best and be fast, your brain needs to be good at taking in information, processing it and then doing something like jumping, moving or speaking.

Each week I will give you some tips and ideas on how to get a better brain so you can be an even better version of you !

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