Low Carb Diets, Weight loss, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – Dr Neil Shaw


Low Carb Diets, Weight loss, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – Dr Neil Shaw

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In this episode I discuss low carb/ keto diets, intermittent fasting,weight loss, reversing type 2 diabetes and depression with GP Dr Neil Shaw.

We cover the science behind ketosis and energy production and offer practical advice for people who wish to improve their health.

1# Introductions and overview.
Why do people go low carb? What medical conditions can low carb help?
Brief explanation on fats, glucose, starch and glucose and how the mitochondria make energy. How insulin plays a role in energy storage and metabolism. What is a ketone ? What is ketosis and how do I get into it?

2# Neil talks about insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and how he over came type 2 diabetes.
3# Neil gives some advice on what to do if you want a go low carb
4# Neil and I discuss ‘keto flu’ and the role of salt
5# Neil and I discuss fasting, BDNF and depressive  illness
6# Neil gives advice on alcohol and restaurants when on low carb
7# Discussion on artificial sweeteners, coffee and studies in BMJ on meat and coffee
8# How obesity is multifaceted and the direct role of insulin in fat storage and how the mitochondria behave differently on a low carb diet and alter metabolism in a positive way


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