Cholesterol Myths, Statins & Sugar – With Biochemist Glyn Wainwright


Cholesterol Myths, Statins & Sugar – With Biochemist Glyn Wainwright

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This is my interview with biochemist Glyn Wainwright on cholesterol myths, sugar damage, blood pressure and statins. For 15yrs Glyn has been reading, reviewing, researching & contributing to a number medical journals, along with eminent associates including Dr Stephanie Seneff and Dr Luca Mascitelli.

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This video is for information and education. We do not offer medical advice

0.01.54 – Glyn explains what cholesterol is, where it comes from and why we need it for our cell membranes
0.03.02 – Cell membranes , different types of cells and why we need to keep out cell membrane healthy
0.05.21- Different types of fats in the cell membrane
0.06.15 – Glyn helps get past the public’s misunderstanding of cholesterol when all cholesterol molecules are identical.
Where did this idea of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ cholesterol come form ?
How the medical profession mix up cholesterol and lipids
0.09.01 – What happens when we don’t have enough cholesterol ?
0.09.21 – Glyn talks about why the brain and nerves needs cholesterol to function and consequences of not getting enough
0.11.02 – Glyn walks us through how lipids, cholesterol & fat soluble nutrients travel in the blood so they can be delivered to the organs of the body – like a molecular postal system. Also why we must get out this habit of talking about ‘cholesterol’ when what we really mean is lipids in the blood.
0.13.32 – Glyn explains what LDL and HDL are, what they do and how they deliver their contents to . Glyn goes on to talk about what really causes the lipid transport system to go wrong and how LDL can build up and what this means.
0.16.48 – We discuss the ‘Old view’ of saturated fat and cholesterol and FDA guidelines that stated in 2015 ‘Cholesterol is no longer a substance of concern for over consumption’
0.18.30 – Glyn talks about how sugar affects lipid transport in the body by explaining how sugar damaged lipids (with cholesterol too) like LDL aren’t recognised by the cells they are supposed to be delivering to, so build up in the blood. Glyn explains it using his ‘postal service analogy’.
0.20.02 – Glyn starts to talk about lipid panels and what different ratios of HDL and LDL mean and why total cholesterol alone doesn’t tell us much and why.
0.24.30 – We start to discuss other blood tests like HBA1c, Insulin and blood glucose. Glyn explains how sugar damage can lead to inflammation and problems with the immune system. The immune system sometimes attacks the sugar damaged body
0.26.20 – . Glyn gives an explanations of HBA1c and some suggested reading and how lowering HBA1c by reducing sugar also lower triglycerides
0.27.30 Glyn talks about his work with Dr Stephanie Seneff on metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes, weight issues, POCS) sugar and fructose
0.28.48 The role of sugar in visceral fat and discussion on sugar, fructose and glucose
0.34.00 The body can make its own glucose by gluconeogenesis so do we need to eat sugar?
0.35.11 Glyn talks about insulin and visceral fat (‘bad abdominal fat’)
0.36.05 Glyn touches on fatty liver disease and how it is not just from drinking too much alcohol
0.36.37- Leptin (satiety hormone) resistance, fructose, sugar, ‘the bliss point in food’ and how the food industry make us over eat
0.40.00 -Why and how could saturated fat block an artery? Glyn talks us through atherosclerosis and how glycated molecules, sugar and infection play a role.
0.45.08 -Glyn talks about sugar and high blood pressure. How too little salt can raise blood pressure and the ‘Blood Pressure Drug Paradox’. Do medications to lower blood pressure actually help?
0.53.47 -Glyn talks about statins, what they do, side effects, bad clinical trials, how blaming cholesterol for CV diseases was like ‘backing the wrong horse’
0.59.26 – What can people do If they are on statin or worried about CV disease
1:01 Glyn Talks about his personal experience with statins
1:04 Glyn explains how his experience with statins lead him to meet other doctors and scientists around the world
1:06 Closing remarks on statins a do they have any benefits? Glyn talks about the statin trials and how some of the data ‘just doesn’t add up’ when is comes to cause mortality.
1:08 With new regulations in place Glyn talks about why there are no new cholesterol lowering drugs being researched.
1:10 Glyn closes with his final thoughts on statin and other drug use.

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