Motivation, Motivation, Motivation and Neuroplasticity

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation and Neuroplasticity

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation and Neuroplasticity

Hello and welcome back to my blog

This week I’m going to talk briefly about neuroplasticity,  which is the changeability of the brain. To drive neuroplasticity you need to train your brain, like you would a muscle.  The brain likes to just stay as it is, so you need to make an effort to ‘push’ it to change or to be technical to ‘drive neuroplasticity’. You need motivation to drive yourself to train, master an art or learn a new skill.
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So in a nut shell this is what neuroplasticity is all about ?

Your brain is changeable and will adapt!

• Plasticity is a fundamental property of the CNS (central nervous system), its is neither good nor bad, it just happens.
• Use it or lose it
• SAID principle Specific Adaptation to Imposed demand – practice makes permanent, also if you train with ‘bad form’ that is what you will get good at. So the quality of training is important.
• When training your brain or body, Intensity matters, repetition matters, timing matters and age can matter.
• Novelty is key, your brain loves a new challenge and will respond.
• It can be maladaptive eg complainers , pain and addictions. This is neuroplasticity gone bad as the person repeated negative activities, which then became a habit.


There is no neuroplasticity pill, you have to actually train, practice  and persist in order to improve at the skill you are working on.

This skill might be a magic trick, your sport or  a new language.

Thank you for reading and please get in touch if you have any questions

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