Do This Everyday To Avoid Stiffness

Do This Everyday To Avoid Stiffness

Easy Ways To Avoid Everyday Stiffness

Pilates is an amazingly unique system of movements that are designed to return the body to its ‘true form’. Pilates helps remove tension, compression, tightness, weaknesses, imbalances and more so that you can move gracefully,  breathe deeply and have strength in all the right places.

Pilates can also help with recovery from back pain and other injuries by correctly strengthening and stretching the affected area.

I’ve made you a short 8 min video that anyone can do to help you with tight hips, back and shoulders.

The ‘problem places’ that people complain about most are;

  • Stiff back
  • Stiff neck
  • Stiff shoulders
  • Stiff hips

Doing the correct stretches and movements during the day will help keep proper blood flow and energy supply to your body and brain.  When your muscles are more elastic or ‘stretchy, this helps prevent discomfort, tension, and fatigue.

If you are looking for more videos to do at home click HERE

What are the most common causes of stiffness?

  • Sitting
  • Stress
  • Phones/iPads/laptops
  • Gardening or decorating marathons
  • Lots of exercises, including walking without proper stretching

Sitting for too long is a major culprit in tightening the hip flexors which are muscles at the front of the hip.

Signs You Have Tight Hip Flexors

  • Tight or painful lower back, especially when standing
  • Poor posture with difficulty or discomfort standing up straight
  • Pain in the buttock muscles
  • Knee pain

The upper/mid-back (thoracic spine) is an area of the spine that most people struggle to get moving and this can lead to shoulder and lower back problems.  The upper back is connected to the lower back and shoulders. When the upper back is not moving properly the shoulders and lower back have to compensate or ‘do the leg work’ for the upper back which overloads these joints resulting in pain and stiffness.

Signs You Have A Tight Upper/mid back

  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • Difficulty twisting left or right
  • Neck problems
  • Less breathing capacity
  • Lower back problems

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