What is ASMR and Why Does it get 100s of Millions of YouTube Views?

ASMR hypnosis

What is ASMR and Why Does it get 100s of Millions of YouTube Views?

What is ASMR and Why Does it get 100s of Millions of YouTube Views?

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Have you ever felt tingles in your head and deep relaxation while getting a haircut or head massage, listening to someone rustling paper, listening to a specific person talk in a gentle whispering manner, hearing certain sounds in a movie, while watching artist create a painting or watching a pendant, jewel or other enchanting object move in a rhythmic way?

If so, then you have probably experienced Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

ASMR is becoming increasingly popular around the world and even with celebrities.  A key reason is it can create a sense of profound euphoria as well as deep relaxation without drugs. ASMR is is very helpful for reducing stress and falling asleep, a common problem is today’ s society.

ASMR can be described simply as a variety of soothing yet delightful sensations  (eg, tingles, relaxation, calmness, sleepiness, bliss, ecstasy, waves) due to a variety of gentle auditory and visual stimuli (eg, whispering, soft talking, light touches, methodical sounds).

As our neurology and tastes varies from person to person, like food preferences that same is true for ASMR. This means different sounds and images stimulate different people and one size doesn’t fit all.

How is ASMR triggered?

Common ASMR triggers include; light touch, massage, hair touching, eye contact, shiny objects,  soft, whispering, blowing sounds, tapping, cutting, crinkling, stroking, handling of objects and many more

The sounds or stimuli generally tend to be repetitive, methodical, gentle, at a slow steady pace, and low volume. These triggers are  non-threatening stimuli to the nervous system which is why they have the ability to induce deep profound relaxation.

What can you expect to feel?

Physical sensations:  Tingles, chills, and/or waves starting  in the head, neck, spine, and then propagating  throughout the rest of the body.

Psychological sensations: good feelings of delight, climax, euphoria, happiness, comfort, calmness, erotic sensations, peacefulness, relaxation, restfulness, and/or sleepiness.

Are there other benefits?

Some people with diagnoses of medical disorders report that ASMR videos or sessions  are help their insomnia, anxiety, panic disorders, grief, sadness  and/or depression.  Others use ASMR to enter altered states of consciousness or meditative states without the use of psychedelic  drugs.

ASMR combined with hypnosis magnifies both states and provides a wonderfully blissful experience and can help with a variety of mood related issues as well as getting to sleep. Lack of good quality sleep has been linked to many illnesses and conditions from cancer to obesity, as well as general poor performance and mood issues.




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