Easy 15min Routine To Relieve Back Pain


Do you suffer from  back pain?

Today it is a short 15 min video to help with you get moving and out of discomfort, just scroll down the page to the video link.

Pretty much everybody gets a bought of back pain and it can be very frustrating when you can’t do the things you love or are in pain. I have taught movement since 2008 and I have used these exercises to help many of my clients and myself. Due to the amount of driving and sitting that we do I have included some hip flexor stretches to do after being sat down for a while, these stretches are also helpful for cyclists, cross-fitters, runners and other fitness enthusiasts.

Easy 15min Routine To Relieve Back Pain - image back-pain-3-300x169 on https://www.busysuperhuman.com


Easy 15min Routine To Relieve Back Pain - image back-pain-blog-300x223 on https://www.busysuperhuman.com

Here is the video 




Please consult your heath care professional before commencing an exercise routine and this is for educational and recreational purposes, not designed to cure anything. You are participating by your own free will.

If you have any questions please get in touch. The easiest way is via messenger as I will reply more quickly. Just click the ‘Message me’ button below.




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