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Insulin, Salt and ‘Fat Traps’

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of my blog on biochemical ‘Fat Traps’ and hormones Insulin and Insulin Resistance  Certain hormones, especially insulin and thyroid hormone decide what the body does with the energy that it has. Energy is the food we eat or the energy stores we have, fat and muscle.Research is starting to…

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Is your inner ear responsible for your neck pain?

Hello and welcome to my blog. The vestibular system – functional significance The vestibular system or inner ear AKA your balance system is the fastest system in the body and vestibular imbalances cause a whole host of problems other than just bad balance. Our brains are wired for SURVIVAL and a functioning vestibular system does…

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Brain Endurance Training (BET)

What is Brain endurance training (BET)? Brain endurance training (BET) is a digital training  method to cognitive load to the brain to fatigue. The brain in turn will adapt to this, like muscles do to training and get ‘stronger and better’.BET focuses on cortex and cerebellum based cognitive tasks such as STROOP tests, multi object tracking,…

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Easy 15min Routine To Relieve Back Pain

Hello and welcome to my video blog Today it is a short 15 min video to help with back pain, just scroll down the page to the video link. Pretty much everybody gets a bought of back pain and it can be very frustrating when you can’t do the things you love or are in…

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Brain Training To Increase Resilience and Performance

Hello and welcome to my blog This week the topic is brain training to improve ‘performance’ by hacking into mental fatigue by building resilience. This is called Brain Endurance Training or BET or cognitive loading training. I have written ‘performance’ in inverted commas as these techniques were designed and tested on professional athletes and is…

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Why Do People Take Growth Hormone and IGF-1

Hello and welcome to my blog This one is about supplements and biochemistry. There are a large number of supplements out there which claim all sorts and most of them are just crap. However there are compounds out there which offer lots of genuine benefits, but what is the catch? Today we are briefly looking…

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Are ‘Exercise In a Pill’ Drugs Like Cardarine Dangerous?

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is part of the controversial compounds series of blogs. This week is all about cardarine/GW501516 and  GW0742 Cardarine also called GW501516 and a stronger version called GW0742 are a class of supplement called ‘exercise in a pill’ or ‘endurance boosters’. They are not stimulants, SARMS or steroids, but…

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Can Cannabis Oil Help Me? Or Is It Just Hype?

Hello and welcome to my blog! What Is CBD Oil? First things first, let’s clarify what CBD and CBD oil actually are. CBD oil is a collective term for oils made from fiber hemp, and do not contain THC. CBD Oil is a compound oil that contains at least CBD (Cannabidiol). These can also be…

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How Taking Action Boosts Confidence And Beats Depression

Helllo and welcome! Today’s blog is about confidence, taking action overcome negative thoughts, using positive distractions and positive self talk. Self confidence is the belief of believing in yourself, to believe that you can  accomplish what you set out to do, to overcome obstacles and challenges.     Why do some people struggle with confidence?…

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What is ASMR and Why Does it get 100s of Millions of YouTube Views?

Hello and welcome to my blog! Have you ever felt tingles in your head and deep relaxation while getting a haircut or head massage, listening to someone rustling paper, listening to a specific person talk in a gentle whispering manner, hearing certain sounds in a movie, while watching artist create a painting or watching a…

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